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Thanks to Bowers & Wilkins, Apple’s bold move to remove the headphone port from the iPhone 7 isn’t a death knell for quality audio.

With Apple recently announcing the headphone jack will disappear from their new iPhone, it’s safe to assume wireless headphones will become the preferred option for many. With wireless come doubts about sound quality, which is why the timing of Bowers & Wilkins’ new P7 Wireless release couldn’t be better. The company renowned for producing the best loudspeakers in the world have incorporated their industry-leading technology into a top-of-the-line, cord-free headphone that will alleviate concerns as soon as the sumptuous sheep leather slips over your ears.

Painstakingly produced by Bowers & Wilkins’ expert acoustic engineers, and improving upon the original standard-setting P7 and award-winning P5 Wireless, the P7 Wireless is top of its class. Encased in soft but durable sheep leather, the drive units are responsible for a revelatory listening experience: the bass is tighter, vocals more defined and there’s a superb sense of space, balance and clarity across the whole frequency range. Worn over the ear, super-comfortable memory foam earpads provide pillow-like cushioning as well as all-important noise isolation.  At a lean 325g they weigh in just 35g more than regular P7 and less than many cord-encumbered alternatives.

The P7 Wireless connects to any popular Bluetooth-enabled device such as phone, tablet or computer with ease. Once the simple pairing process is completed in a matter of seconds, seamless wireless streaming allows you to experience high-performance audio on the go, without pesky cords getting in the way – and, most importantly, without sacrificing sound quality. Unlike most wireless headphones, which use a combined amplifier/ Bluetooth module, B&W uses a discrete amplifier, tuned for open, natural sound. The digital signal processor developed for P7 Wireless delivers a linear listening experience regardless of the source or volume level.


Offering up to 17 hours of wireless playback, the battery is easily recharged using a supplied USB cable and a conventional 3.5mm cable is supplied in case you run out of battery when you’re away from a power source. The headphone ear cup is home to the discreet and intuitive controls, while the durable folding mechanism allows P7 Wireless to collapse for storage in the supplied, luxurious carry case, which is designed to keep your premium product protected when not in use.

With a new wave of wireless headphones inevitably flooding the market upon Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement, there is bound to be issues with sound quality and streaming. Put your trust in Bowers & Wilkins, whose five-decade track record speaks for itself. Whether you’re working out, commuting or just sick of cord tangles, the portable P7 Wireless is a peerless audio companion.

Feast your eyes on the delectable design of the P7 Wireless in the video below…

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