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Prestige Series

The Nautilus is much more than a high-end speaker. In its audacious design, in the quality of its components and manufacture, and in the pioneering spirit in which it was first conceived, it expresses and encapsulates everything Bowers & Wilkins stands for. Put simply, it is Bowers & Wilkins. Many of the innovations and ideas we developed during the making of the Nautilus, from tapering tubes to drive unit design, can now be found not just in every Bowers & Wilkins speaker, but in high­ end speakers all over the world. But the Nautilus did it first. And, many argue, it did it best. From the moment it was made, the Nautilus irrevocably changed and broadened our sense of what a speaker can be. It set a new standard by which other speakers must be measured. And it will continue to do so, now and in the future.

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