Bowers & Wilkins

  1. New 800 Series

    A Celebration of 50 Years of Excellence

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  2. Wireless Headphones

    Professional Sound, Immersive Quality

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  3. Home Speakers

    Classic Designs for the Highest Fidelity

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  4. Architectural Monitors

    Versatility and Impeccable Sound Quality

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  5. Home Theatre

    Put Yourself in the Centre of the Action

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  6. Zeppelin Wireless

    Performance, Amplified

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  • Wireless Speakers Think of a track. Now imagine you can just play it – instantly, in room-filling, Hi-Fi sound quality. Welcome to our wireless speaker range.
  • 600 Series The award-winning 600 Series adopts innovative technologies creating audio performance you expect from Bowers & Wilkins. We believe you should experience incredible sound. With the 600 series, you can.
  • Headphones We’ve drawn on decades of experience in Hi-Fi to develop some of the most advanced technology ever seen in a set of headphones. From drive units to grilles, every aspect is engineered to deliver sound quantity that’s second to none.

featured products

  • 800 Diamond Series3 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Black)

    The flagship model in the 800 Series Diamond range is more than a speaker. It’s the culmination of half a...

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  • 685 S2 Bookshelf Speaker (Black)

    At home on a stand, wall or bookshelf, the versatile 685 S2 is ideal for stereo and home theatre uses in most rooms....

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  • P9 Signature Over-Ear Headphones

    P9 Signature is our best sounding headphone to-date and in our continued quest for True Sound features new in-house...

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